i want to find a penk......♥

i want to find a penk who called me CUTE instead of HOT..
who CALLED me back when i HUNG UP on her..
i WAIT for the PENK who KISSES my FOREHEAD..
who want to show me OFF THE WORLD WHEN I AM IN SWEAT..
who HOLD MY HAND infront of her frenz..
who think i am PREETY without any MAKEUP..
the one who CONSTANTLY reminding me how much she CARES..
and LOVES being wtih me..
and how she is the LUCKIEST gurl to get me in her arm..
and the one who turn to her frenz and say.. "THAT'S HER"

xkn bace2 jerk awak..komen2 laa sket.. n thx for viewing this post ♥

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