cabaran ten2 day!!

orait...disebabkn xde idea nk buat...or nk update ape2...neyh laa copy paste dr blog2 starting today onward smpai ari kesepuloh...zoul akn lncarkn program tenten or sepuloh2...hahhaa...setiap ari ade tajok menarik laa..sbb bukn bnde yg sme setiap lets me introduce about 10 topik yg akn di kupas selame 10 hari ney...tgok bawah oke???
  • day one : 10 things about you
  • day two : 10 things you love
  • day three : 10 things you hate
  • day four : 10 things you want to say to one person
  • day five : 10 wishes
  • day six : 10 items you can’t live without
  • day seven : 10 important people
  • day eight : 10 of your favourite songs
  • day nine : 10 ways to win your heart
  • day ten : 10 final wordsi

sebelom toh..aku nk cabar beberape member fb aku yg ade fb untuk buat cabran ney.tujuan untuk kite lebih mngenali antare satu same laen!
tuan muda denn......hash.....akiey......aj justin...eir shakey....low fat mox..zieq..zhen...yukie michi..kidmell...juan al wona kenot...
and paling penting zoul cabar sume mebers plu blogger untuk buat sume neyh..pas uhh jgn lupe gtaw zoul oke??nty zoul terjah blog korg..!!

oke lets start with the very first ten2
day one : 10 things about you
1. orait...first off name is ZULLYANA BINTI ABDUL RAHMAN..given by my mom and a very good daddy....proud to be their daughter..

2.i am from jay bee..and proud to be one of the citizen...i dont really care of what people talking about my their citizen is good enough laa kn..more over..justin bieber also love johor bahru..dat why people called him jb....

3.i scare of night..and darkness..i need sum1 by my side to accompany me when i go to sleep...more fact??if i am at my home...i will sleep with my mom..and sumtimes in the middle btween my mom and dad... =)

4.yucks...i am anti-animals..most afraid of exotic animals like snake,lizard,crocodiles and keep it away from me..

5.ia m the third children of 3 sibling..the only daughter...and very pampered by family...and i lovin it...

6.i eat soo much...yess i am fat..soo what...i dont think fat is my weakness..instead it is my strenght...and asset i guess...peole nowadays loovee to hugs a teddy bear instead of barbie doll..[paham2 jerk laa]

7.i have a tempting,sexy thick lips and i am proud of it..some people say my lips is like angelina jolly...some called it ashwarya rai...but it doesnt juz me...zoul munchett.and no other..

8.i often misstyping status in fb or typing for my blog..people laugh and me..but for me..its a one do i...

9.i dont say that i am single..but i sometimes admit that i am is me..bile gado jerk...tros buat status single..but for your info..i am taken..and i dont think i need a skndel or teman tapi mesra...

10.last but not least..i am PLU..and i dont know when it will end and be anormal girl who will shy when guys flirt2 with her..i dont feel right when i am i ended up with being an unstraightable people..

oke...dat all..more on day 2 tomorrow...hope u will enjoy it..

xkn bace2 jerk awak..komen2 laa sket.. n thx for viewing this post ♥